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Michael C Williams (mcw)
Heathen Warrior

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I am a 6' 4" extremely fit, bald-headed, blue-eyed, Heathen Warrior with Peckerwood Chrome in my beard. Please do not interpret the Chrome in my beard as an old man, or old-timer, to hell with numbers, I feel alive! Yes, I am in prison, I am only residing here, it does not define me, this is not my home! I'm an active student of Exercise Physiology and applied sciences. I embrace with a laser focus on what comes next for me. Physical and Mental Health are equally important to me because FREEDOM is that reality!
I pass the time like any other creature trapped in a cage. I do it with a positive mindset and a strong sense of purpose. I make Norse knot bracelets for friends and family, and I love watching movies. I read, listen to music, and I challenge my mind and body with college studies and engineering exercise programs. Those have now been turned into a Unique Fitness Manual called The Science Within A Heathen Warriors Fitness Manual and a 1 Year Calendar Training Journal For The Science Within a Heathen Warriors Fitness Manual available for purchase through my webpage, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.
I am Michael C. Williams
aka The Heathen Warrior

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The Science Within
A Heathen Warriors Fitness Manual

Whether you are a Soldier in a Military Branch fighting for the Country, Disabled Veteran, Recovering Athlete, A First Responder risking his or her life for the community, Construction Worker, Truck Driver, Warehouse Laborer, Blue Collar, White Collar, or Inmate wearing Prison Blues. The Science Within A Heathen Warriors Fitness Manual can be aligned with anybody's lifestyle and daily/weekly Exercise Goals.

Featured inside this Manual:

  • 2 Year Calendar with 30 workout slots per month to track progress

  • 24 Day Av²/ci training plan where you can witness the Evolution of Fitness

  • 6-week Revolutionary 5k and 10k Running plans

  • Benchmark challenges in Authors' Cross Exercise Efficiency challenges

  • Simple Math Formulas to Calculate Effort Intensity, Calorie Expense and for tracking calorie intake for weight gain and/or weight loss

We have found our 1st
Under Body Composition Metrication at the bottom
It should say:
2.2046 Pounds = 1 Kilogram & 2.54 Centimeters = 1 inch

If you are interested in an eBook pdf copy reach out to me through my contact page. 
eBook Pdf $5


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1-Year Calendar Training Journal
For The Science Within A Heathen Warriors Fitness Manual

This 1-Year Calendar Training Journal was created to 
be a Supplement to the Original Copyrighted Version of The Science Within A Heathen Warriors Fitness Manual. 
Features Within:
❖    A Portable log book made easier to transport to the gym or any recreation area
❖    It can be used with the Original Manual and/or personal exercise program
❖    eBook readers and all Athletes
❖    1-Year Calendar Log
❖    7 Av²/ci  WOD sheets per six-week Calendar
❖    Progress Notes for Documenting your Fitness Evolution
❖    Blank Lined Paper for your writing needs
❖    Portable reference charts found in Original Manual Section Five
❖    5k & 10k 6-week Training plans found in Original Manual Section Five


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