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Bella’s Book Press LLC

Is Happy to announce that Michael C. Williams' fitness Manual, The Science Within A Heathen Warriors Fitness Manual, was released on May 12, 2023, on Barnes and Noble and Amazon along with a Training Journal that goes along with the Manual.

For more information, log on to his webpage at for all the links to his books, including an eBook on pdf for $5.

An oops was found at the bottom of the Body Composition Metrication page. It should say

"*F.Y.I. ​2.2046 Pounds = 1 Kilogram & 2.54 Centimeters = 1 inch*"

Should more errors be found we will put the books on hold and make those changes.

If you purchase this manual and would like to leave a review that we can post on his webpage please reach out to me through my contact page @

Always remember to be kind

Thank you

Love BellaRayne

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