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Author #ShoutOut for #JulieKusma

This is a #ShoutOut for Author and Writer Julie Kusma.

I have been enjoying her work since her first story on Moomii Moo's #StorytimeForGrownups. I have been hooked ever since.

The #ShoutOut video below explains it all.

Go check out her website.

Don't forget to subscribe and follow her wherever you can.

Amazon Author Page:

Julie collaborates with Jill Yoder @inspired_pen on

#TheDearJLetters #Reunion Part 1-5

#They Part 1-5

Polarized Parts 1-5

Part one audio of Reunion voice by @BCZ115 Part's

1-5 audio of

#They voiced by @JBelle_Poems and @sallys_speaking

#NewMummy voice by Jacqueline Belle Poems

#youtubechannel and music by #JoelJackson

Promo for Halloween stories

#Awaken October 22, 2020

#Pumpkin October 29, 2020

You can find all of these great stories on Julie's website home page

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