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Bella's Book Press, LLC

Bella's Book Press LLC

I have wanted to have myself listed as a publisher on my books for a long time. Even though I went through Outskirts Press with all three of my books I knew eventually that would change.

This last year brought that dream to fruition when my brother reached out to me and asked me to help him publish his Fitness Manual.

Mike has been one of my strongest supporters and I would say he is a fan of my work. In fact, he said that I inspired him to write this manual.

Ultimately I will always be my client but he is in reality my first. The goals, hopes, and dreams that I have planned for Bella's Book Press are Limitless. I look forward to the challenges and rewards that will come at every stage.

Watch for more books published by Bella's Book Press.

Isn't my logo below awesome?

Have a great day and keep writing!

Love BellaRaynelimitless

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