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Darkest Betrayals Part 1

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I have been many things in my life but never considered myself talented enough to be a #writer let alone an #author. In 2009 a #book came to me and I wrote it. I was in shock that I could accomplish such a feat. I looked into publishing it and what it would take for me to get my book out there for the public to read. Before I could make any plans the love of my life became ill.

I knew that I would be taking care of him until his body could heal and get better. I put my book in a tote, carefully protecting it. I put it on a shelf awaiting the moment that I could do something with it. Little did we know that nine years later he would pass away and our lives would be forever changed. Before he transitioned he kept encouraging me to #publish my book. I had changed so much since I first wrote it I knew I would have to make some changes to the storyline. After his #celebration last year I took my book out and began reworking it.

I was not savvy in the language of publishing. I just knew I wanted to maintain my rights to my book. Which meant I had to take the self-publishing route. I knew nothing about editing and formatting. There would be so much that would go into making #DarkestBetrayals the way I wanted it represented. I wanted my book to be mine. The words, the story, the cover, the title, and the author name.

I knew it would be called #DarkestBetrayals. The #bookcover was so important to me because it is the first thing people see besides the #title. I wanted it to tell a story before they even opened the book. I chose the pen name #BellaRayne not because I was embarrassed about my book but because I wanted anonymity.

I submitted my book for editing. What came next has forever changed me. I learn something new about myself every time I read my book. I started to realize that I wrote my book for me. I enjoyed the story I was telling through every page and with every word I chose. Every step that I took and have taken to bring this amazing book forth was a #success. If people enjoy my book as much as I do then it is a bonus. If they don't like it, that is okay.

It is not a perfect book by any means. There are a few mistakes inside the book and I am okay with that. I am happy with my first #published book. I have no regrets about any steps that I have taken with #DarkestBetrayals.

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Illustration for #DarkestBetrayals book cover by Victor Guiza

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