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Darkest Betrayals Part 2

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I am sitting here with #DarkestBetrayals right in front of me. It reminds me how far I have come since my love transitioned. At this time last year, I was waiting for editing and formatting to be finished on my #book so I could revamp it even more. I was scared to death when I had to write a synopsis and a bio. What if it wasn't interesting enough to pull people in to buy my book? When I saw it the first time on the back of my book I cried so many tears of joy. You will find I do that a lot with this book and I am sure the next fifty books I write will all come with tears of joy.

Every time I have received news about my book it has been on a holiday or a vacation with my sons'. I got the picture for my #bookcover Christmas Eve. I was feeling so many things but in my heart, I knew that this was everything I wanted my book to say to potential readers. I was intrigued by it. After this night I knew that choosing to be self-published was the right decision for me.

I became a self-published author in February 2019. I received my finished book in the mail. When I opened the box I was stunned at how beautiful my book really was. To see it in actual book form was intense and exciting. To be able to hold my accomplishment in my two hands was breathtaking. I couldn't hold the joy in any longer. I found myself with an odd expression on my face. That is when the tears turned into laughter and vice versa. I couldn't help taking pictures and sharing them with everyone I knew.

I figured the excitement would end there. It did not. While on vacation with my sons to Las Vegas I helped to create my #booktrailer to be put on #YouTube. My book was turned into a small movie and through the help of a friend, it was able to be viewed directly on Twitter. When I replaced it with my new #booktrailer it had over 10K views. Each time I watch it I still get the chills I felt the day it was created.

I joined Twitter at the end of March 2019. I have met many incredible people. I became a part of the #WritingCommunity. Learning to do it my way while maintaining an open mind has been an exercise in patience.

Everything with my book, on one hand, was slow and the other was going so fast. I didn't want to completely finish my second book even though a few of my fans wanted it to be done already. I wanted #DarkestBetrayals to have its moment in the spotlight. At the end of October, I was honored to do my first #booksigning at #BarnesAndNoble. I am not sure why it was important for me to do that first signing but it was. After it was over I finished up my second book and submitted it for editing.

While I wait for editing to be done with my second book I will continue to work on the other three books I have started. I know now that all my books will have their time in the spotlight. I cannot believe I have a second book about to be released. WOW!

Sometimes we don't acknowledge how far we have come. Tonight in deep thought I realize just how blessed I really am. I have a website now where I can sell autographed copies of my book to those that are interested. I can blog on this site and submit #poetry and #art that I have done. My #fans will know when my books are coming out.

I have made so many friends on Twitter. I look forward to making more. I have 10K followers on Twitter as of yesterday, how did that happen? The support this wonderful community has shown me is outstanding.

I want to honor all the people in my life with a #ShoutOut to all of my #fans who have read my book and want more. Thank you to all the people who have read my book and left a #review. I am so grateful for all of my #followers. You make every day an adventure and you bring joy to my heart. Lots of gratitude to the four people who surrounded me during my #booksigning and to all the support from my friends who showed up. All of you more than any have helped me to see how free I am to dive into my imagination and create even more.

I am Free,

I am Free to be Me,

Bella Rayne, T.B.

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