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My amazing followers!

I started my journey with Twitter in March of this year after my book #DarkestBetrayals was published. I did not know what to expect or if anyone would want to follow me. There were several people who followed me right away and so it began. I want to thank those people right here right now. #ThankYou, you changed my life. I have become part of so many lists, especially the #WritingCommunity. I am blessed with my group of people who feel like #Home and #Family.

I could not fathom how I would reach 1K followers let alone 10K. There is a wonderful feeling I get inside when something #wonderful is at the forefront of my day. I woke up yesterday and a milestone that I thought would take me forever to reach was right in front of me. I sat with the number for awhile waiting to see if it would go back down. I checked again today and I have 10K followers plus.

Thank you for following me as I go on this life-changing path of being an #Author and #Writer. It is a path I was almost too afraid to take. I am #Honored that you have chosen to be a part of my life. I am grateful for our daily interactions. Those that I #Follow and those that #Follow me are a bunch of amazingly talented people. I am so blessed that I get to know each of you!

Thank you,

Bella Rayne

Graphics for the banner below were created by my #Friend @YellendRebbeca @WriterYelland

I am always grateful for Rebecca's #Imagination

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