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Readers' Favorites: Book Reviews

Reviewed by K.J. Simmill for Readers' Favorite

In Bella Rayne's Darkest Betrayals, the past always catches up to you. But what if the past is actively seeking you across lifetimes, sending a message across time and space because the past self recognizes something the current self is blind to? This is precisely what therapist James thinks is happening to Layla. He specializes in regression therapy and energy healing, and healing is something she certainly needs. Married at a young age, she is about to celebrate twenty years of marriage, but panic attacks and strange visions are haunting her, along with a realization that everything in her life isn't how it seemed, how she perceived it to be. Now, with her husband and one of her friends acting strangely, an attempt on her life, and threatening phone calls, she doesn't know who to trust. One thing is clear; someone wants her husband for their own and will stop at nothing to realize this obsession. Can she discover the truth before they succeed in their despicable plot, or will she, like her past self, be left alone as life slips away? Bella Rayne's Darkest Betrayals is a riveting, thrilling, and addictive mystery that without a doubt belongs to my exclusive recommended books list. Captivating, imaginative, and filled with vibrant and vivid characters from both past and present, you will be drawn into Layla's life, watching as she comes to realize things which have been hidden not only in her own past but in another life which calls to her a very serious warning. You will find yourself watching her friends through suspicious eyes, looking for tells, and hoping Layla uncovers the truth and also sees other things she has overlooked for years. A journey of discovery, and not only into who would do this to her but into herself as well as she learns to embrace and discover the person she is. I loved the combination of present-day and past life plot, and the incorporation of self-love and healing that was expertly woven into a tense and atmospheric tale. Murder, mystery, danger, friendship, and romance span the ages to bring you a tale like no other, and one that will stay with you long after the conclusion.



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