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Special #Halloween Author #ShoutOut featuring over 30 Authors

I am so excited to bring you a special Halloween Author #ShoutOut featuring over 30 Authors. Listed below are the books, short stories, anthologies, Audio Short Stories, etc., and the Twitter handles or Instagram, or websites where you can check these authors out. Keep in mind that the anthologies have several authors, and you can find all of them on Amazon. I am sending you to either their Amazon Author page or the book purchase page. Special #ShoutOut to my two henchmen who helped me with the #Video. Thank you so much for being such amazing men in my life!

Props, Costumes, and Decorations for video purchased from #BigLots and #Zurchers

Graphics for my books by


Autumn Nights: 13 Spooky Fall Reads 14 Authors total

Autumn Nights: 12 Chilling Tales for Midnight 10 Authors total


Immortal Fears


Trick or Treat at Caynham Castle






Morning Star (Story Ellie)


Stuck That Way & Other Quandaries

Exorcisms cost extra


Haunted Hydrangeas


Clown Conspiracy


Midnight Forever 7: The Gothic

IG @Author.Brandon.d.Henry

Storytime For Grownups #Audio Short Stories




@salliemoffitt The Old House Oct 19

@MitchRambling It’s In the Blood Oct 26

@juliekusma Awaken Oct 22 Pumpkin Oct 29


#Occult#Horror, #Ghost Horror, Ghost #Thriller, Horror, #DarkFantasy Horror


Hopeless, Nevada


Restless Dreams of Darkness, Lady Killer, Regret, Forbidden, Unspoken, and Taboo @AuthorKroese

Bedtime Tales of Horror


Speed Bump




Samuel’s Girl


The Hell’s Gates Series (Pandora’s Hell, Decayed and Miscreants), Book 1 of Assassin Princess (NightShade), Angel’s Child, Devil’s Curse


The Havoc Tree


Days of Death Book Series (Once Upon A Death Book, How to Lose Death in Ten days Book, Death at a Hotel)



A horny Halloween


#Fantasy, #ScienceFiction, #Action & Fantasy #Adventure, #Mystery, #Suspense, and #Paranormal

The Witches Walk, A Haven Harbor Novella (After Midnight and The Halloween Promise). @JeanneAdams



Wolf Hunter Inquisition The Freeing of Chiropteran


Darkest Betrayals and The Fate of Magick


#HumorousFantasy and #OccultSuspense

Dead Heads A Gloomwood Novel


Over a God’s Dead body and Another Dead Intern


Diary of an Everyday Vampire 1-3


#YA Horror and Fantasy

A Look Behind Lightning


Sebastian The in-between


The Silver-Haired Banshee


#VampireThriller, #PsychicThriller, #DarkHumor, and Ghost Fiction

Bits & Pieces, End of Echoes, Somewhere in between, Mosaic


The Dominic Saga 1 & 2

The Ghosts of Little Cocking


Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blog. If you get a chance please go watch the #youtube video I made and if you like my content, please subscribe.


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