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A while back a friend of mine asked if I had anything that I could submit to her #StorytimeForGrownups segment on her #YouTube channel. She came up with a beautiful way to support authors using her voice to read their work out loud. I decided to submit something I wrote down by the river. When she sent the video to me I bawled my eyes out. Jacqueline had brought my story to life with her voice. It was so beautiful that we decided it would be fun to have her read an excerpt from my second book #TheFateOfMagick. Each and every time she does an exceptional job.

Last week she celebrated reading 25 stories by some talented authors. This week she started a tweet where each day she would honor a different author showcasing their talents. I was the second person this week. I want to thank Jacqueline for talking me into letting her read my work. Since then my confidence in my work has grown. I am not afraid to share my work and my creativity to write when I am out in nature has boosted. I feel like my abilities to write have blossomed. It is outstanding to be included with all of these talented writers. It is an honor to call her my friend! If you want to get to know the new author every day go to @Moomii_Moo. Click on her pinned tweet and follow the thread down.

Check out her #YouTube channel and take a listen to the stories she has read for us. If you like what you hear make sure to like the stories, and subscribe to her channel. Don't miss out on hearing what she is going to read next.










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