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"Awesome book!...wasn't able to put it down, suspenseful, well written, finished it in 2 days. Author is amazing..."

Amazon Reviewer 04/17/19

"I am so intrigued by what inspired the author!! The book was captivating & kept me wanting to turn each page to the next! I am excited to read more books!"

Amazon Reviewer , 3/23/19

"Loved this book. It was very intriguing and different from what I have read before..."

Goodreads reviewer, 04/29/19

Darkest Betrayals Written by @BellaRayne10

“From the moment, I opened this book I could not put it down. Hanging onto the edge of my seat, I turned page after page. Never has a book captivated me in such a way. Superb writing, with memorable characters. With each one a world onto themselves. I would read it again and again. Highly recommend to all readers!”

Review: @Heavensnewbaby 10/10

Twitter review, March 26, 2020

“I just finished The Darkest Betrayals by Bella Rayne and it is a 5 Star read. The concepts are fresh, and it has some unique insights into life. I liked the refreshing way you spun your tale. It wasn’t what I expected, and it surprised me the way you connected the spirits and the real world to the current circumstances. Bella, thank you. I received an awesome read and a hope for my future. Blessed be!”

Review by: Jennifer Pierce-Gaeta

Twitter review February 16, 2020

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