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Will Serena Realize That She Can Save Herself?

Serena has traveled all over the world since she was a little girl. Her life has been one adventure after another. When she married Toby, she thought that ultimate adventure would last forever. But when he is killed in a car accident one night, her life is turned upside down. Serena’s dream of having a baby with Toby is shattered by his death. A year later, she still feels a sense of weakness and vulnerability that she cannot shake, despite the loving support of friends and family. Every time there is a thunderstorm, she is reminded of that horrible night and left with crippling insecurity and doubt about whether she can go on without him.

Aunt Sylvie invites Serena for an extended stay in Scotland at Castle Fay, where Serena spent the most memorable times growing up. She thinks it might be what she needs to move forward with her life, but Serena is thrust further into despair and anguish the moment she arrives. She is confronted by a hooded stranger who forbids her to set foot on Dunnigan Land. Serena knows it is up to her to get to the bottom of the dark, violent forces that have taken over Castle Fay . . . and in the process, she must overcome her past with Toby. Can she embrace her strength and courage enough to find the hidden depths within herself that lead to a truth she could not have imagined . . . or will she fall victim again to hatred, jealousy, and greed? A magickal, compelling read, Albobonnae’s Way will keep you enchanted!

Albobonnae's Way eBook PDF

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