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Since its conception, this site has always been listed under Bella Rayne. Who is Bella Rayne you might ask? She is the Pen Name that Teresa Bell writes under. She comes from a small town in Idaho and loves hanging out with her family and friends and cooking for them. Her passion for the written word is evident in every one of her books. So far she has written three #DarkestBetrayals #TheFateOfMagick and #AlbobonnaesWay. There are many more to come from her and possibly a poetry book with art included. Bella’s books bring readers into her imaginative world and take them on an adventure they won’t soon forget.  Read Bella’s stories today and immerse yourself in her captivating universe where mystery, suspense, romance and the supernatural exist!


Bella's Book Press LLC  is an independent publishing house that was created so that the rest of her books would be published under her own name. It was never our intention to publish anyone else's work. However, an opportunity presented itself last year when we decided to collaborate with our first client Michael C. Williams. His Fitness Manual and Calendar Training Journal came out in May of 2023 and it offers a unique perspective on his journey to wellness while incarcerated. You can find the information about him on his page Heathen Warrior. 


Our mission as an author and publisher is to provide meaningful stories that will inspire and encourage our readers making sure that every book is an engaging and impactful read. We are working towards cutting out the middleman as much as possible and having readers buy directly from us. With the cost of shipping, we understand that cutting them out completely may not be possible. If you would like to buy directly from us check out our #bookshop. If at this time it is more feasible for you to purchase directly from places like #Amazon then go to my #books page where you will find several external links for other places to buy my work.

We invite you to explore our website and read these amazing stories. Check out our #bookshop where you can purchase Paperbacks of both authors, #signed copies of Bella's work, and eBook PDFs of both authors. I have also included a lovinglyme page where I post my #soundvideos from #YouTube. Thank you so much for taking the time to read all about us!

Love BellaRayne


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