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Is Danger in the Past...or the Present?

Layla doesn’t recognize herself anymore. Talented, intelligent, and ambitious, she has fallen victim to crippling panic attacks that leave her unable to function. Despite the support of her husband, Derek, she feels alone. Desperate for help, she reaches out to her husband’s friend James, an energy practitioner and hypnotherapist who suggests a past life regression. But just as the session is about to start, she is suddenly immersed in a world not her own…a lifetime that she has never known…or was it her own past life?
As information continues to come to her in visions, she realizes that her anxiety isn’t as simple as it seems. But after someone tries to murder Layla, the stakes get higher. Layla discovers that she is a conduit for justice long overdue, even as she struggles to make sense of the danger in her current life. Will Layla discover the truth in time? Or will the nameless stranger who wants her dead destroy Layla and claim her husband? Imaginative, detailed, and suspenseful, Darkest Betrayals is a thrill ride from start to finish.

Darkest Betrayals eBook PDF

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