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A Whistleblower Discovers a World She Never Imagined Possible . . .

When beautiful, determined Dabney witnesses her company dumping toxic waste in a forest called The Heart of the Godz, she knows she can’t keep quiet. The powerful executives who profit from this crime try to pay her off, and when she refuses, they fire her. Deciding to move on to another town and a new career as a writer, Dabney discovers that her presence on social media has put her in danger—her old boss isn’t taking any chances.

After a man breaks into her home and tries to brutalize her, a chain of events begins that alters everything Dabney thought she knew about her life. She is called on by the true owners of the forest to discover where the toxic waste was dumped. Dabney has the biggest shock of her life when she realizes that she has always felt different because nothing about her is as it seems. Thrown into a multidimensional realm with a new identity, will Dabney trust Magick to take her where she needs to go? Imaginative and exciting, The Fate of Magick is an epic fantasy novel to get lost in.

The Fate Of Magick eBook PDF

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