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Whether you are a Soldier in a Military Branch fighting for the Country, Disabled Veteran, Recovering Athlete, A First Responder risking his or her life for the community, Construction Worker, Truck Driver, Warehouse Laborer, Blue Collar, White Collar, or Inmate wearing Prison Blues. The Science Within A Heathen Warriors Fitness Manual can be aligned with anybody's lifestyle and daily/weekly Exercise Goals.

Featured inside this Manual:

  • 2 Year Calendar with 30 workout slots per month to track progress

  • 24 Day Av²/ci training plan where you can witness the Evolution of Fitness

  • 6-week Revolutionary 5k and 10k Running plans

  • Benchmark challenges in Authors' Cross Exercise Efficiency challenges

  • Simple Math Formulas to Calculate Effort Intensity, Calorie Expense and for tracking calorie intake for weight gain and/or weight loss

The Science Within A Heathen Warriors Fitness Manual eBook PDF

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