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💕Wild Heart💕

As I watch a certain episode of Wild At Heart on Amazon Prime I am reminded how quickly life can change. The first time watching this particular episode I felt so gutted it was hard to watch the rest of the series. But this time around I allowed myself to be present with how I was feeling and what memories came up for me. Immediately memories of my late husband flooded forward and tears ensued. It was a release that was needed.

Life is short and we never know what changes are coming for us. Since 2000 I have lost a lot of people including my dad, my husband, and my mom. These changes I never thought I would survive. I didn't think I was strong enough to do it without them.

What I have come to realize is that this is simply Life. We go from one unknown to another not sure if we can handle it or even like who we have become on the other side of the change that comes with grief, mourning, sorrow, and simply letting go of what was so we can make space for what has become our newness.

If we can find a way to stay present, go within and do the deep work on ourselves, love ourselves, immerse ourselves in self-care, etc... I have come to find that the unknowns are not as scary and daunting. They can be something to look forward to when we realize it is time to move on from something that no longer works or supports us.

I was not afraid to ring in the new year. The last several years have been doozies. They have tested our faith and made us see that maybe where we have been placing our trust has been misplaced. For me the level of discernment we now have to have just to navigate social media is exhausting.

I welcome in this New Year with a knowing that whatever comes my way I have the strength to make it through with flying colors. How about you? Does 2024 seem different than 2023? Did you decide to make any New Year's resolutions?

I made mine back in September where I finally looked at my life and decided what I wanted to accomplish over the next year. A lot of it ends this Six-year cycle I have been in. Where I have taken the time to mourn and grieve my late husband and my mom. I realized for me that it's time to move forward thriving and flourishing allowing my creativity and imagination to flow in directions I never thought possible. I have several books I want to finish and get published and I look forward to the work and creativity that will go into them. I am ready to get back to my paintings and writing poetry as well. I know that what life has in store for me will meet me exactly where I am at and I am excited about that. And through watching a TV series I have come to find how Wild At Heart I am! I look forward to embracing that Wild Woman within me!

If you haven't checked out my three books yet go to my bookshop where I have eBook PDFs and signed copies of my books for sale or you can go to my book page and it will give you all the links where you can purchase my books.

I also have two YouTube channels listed below that I would love for you to check out. &

As I finish this blog I want to say thank you to all of those who have supported me in my life, and with my books and YouTube channels. Sending many loves, hugs, support, and blessings to you for this New Year 2024.

Lots of Love


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